As a professional bakeware manufacturer, Tsingbuy is well equiped with CNC machines, punching, cutting, moulding machines. 

Here are some videos to show you the workshops and productions procedures of aluminum baking tray factroy, Baguette pan factory, loaf pan customization, cupcake baking pan factory. From raw material cutting, to each production step of sheet pan, baguette baking tray, cupcake baking pans, loaf pans etc, you will get a better understanding to our factory, product construction and workmanship. We have excellent capability to providing ODM & OEM service of baking pans, with good production capacity. 

Intro to Professional China Bakeware Manufacturer - Tsingbuy Industry Limited

Tsingbuy industry limited has been engaged in bakeware designing and manufacturing, exporting for over than 13 years. The main product covers sheet pan, bread loaf pan, baguette baking tray, multi-mould baking pan for industrial use, bakery trolley for ovens, cake molds etc. 

Best Aluminum Baking Pan Factory Show - Tsingbuy Bakeware Manufacturer

Tsingbuy is a professional baking pan designer and manufacturer with over 13 years experience. Here we would like to show your our production scenes of sheet pan, baguette pan, bread loaf pan, and multi-mould baking trays. Besides baking trays used in home kitchen, we also manufacture comemrcial baking trays used in large bakeries and food factories, to suit their automatic machienry production lines.

Custom manufacturing flow:
1. sned us requirements (product name, specifications, quantity), a hand-drawing to help us understand would be great
2. professional designing chart
3. sample production and confirmation
4. batch production and shipping
One-piece Machine Stamp Rimmed Aluminum Tray Baking Sheet Pan Factory in China | Tsingbuy

Tsingbuy is professional aluminum tray manufacturer with over 15 years factory production experience and ODM&OEM service experience. We mainly provides quater sheet pan, half sheet pan, full sheet pan, jelly roll pan, bakery trays, oven trays, cookie baking sheet, perforated flat baking sheet, non stick bread tray etc. Custom design and production is highly welcomed in our factory. Handmade baking tray for commercial and industrial use are also available.

Factory Professional Custom Manufactured Commercial Bakeware Baking Pan Bakery Tray - Tsingbuy

Tsingbuy bakeware factory has been engaged in manufacturing and wholesale various baking pans for over 15 years. ODM&OEM commercial baking trays is our strength, mainly including baking sheet pan, bread loaf pan, French bread baguette pan, industrial multi-mould baking pans, bakery trolley (baking tray shelf) etc. Welcome to consult us at any time. 

High Quality Custom Bakeware Commercial Baking Tray Pan Factory Wholesale - Tsingbuy Industry Limited

Tsingbuy Industry Limited has been engaged in bakeware industry for over 15 years. We have been providing regular baking pans and custom baking pans for bakeries, restaurants, hotels, food factories. Our main commercial baking tray series include aluminium baking sheet pan, bread loaf pan, baguette pan, industry cup tray etc. Besides, bakery trolley for bakery baking tray pans is also one of our hot selling products. ODM&OEM service is highly welcomed. If you are looking for custom baking pans, welcome to consult us at any time. 

Customized Aluminium Baking Tray Sheet Pan Factory From China | Tsingbuy

Tsingbuy aluminium tray factory is supplying a variety of baking sheet pan types, including machine stamped baking tray with wire in rim, hand made baking tray, bakery large baking tray, oven tray for home kicthen, non stick baking tray, perforated tray etc. Aluminium tray can be customizable in our factory for commercial industrial use. 

Best Custom Sheet Pan Manufacturing Factory Price - Tsingbuy

Tsingbuy Best Custom Sheet Pan Manufacturing Factory Price - Tsingbuy,Professional Team: We have our own designer and engineer who worked in baking industry for over 20 years and have rich experience for bakeware demands. Our professional and innovative pre-sale/sale teams are always preparing for reply 7 by 24 hours, sincerely expecting to cooperate with international customers to create a bright future together through supplying the high quality commercial bakeware.

Tsingbuy Professional Best Custom Sheet Pan Manufacturing Factory Price - Tsingbuy manufacturers,Quality Assurance: Food safety with SGS certificate, LFGB certificate. Imported on-stick coating. Excellent and exquisite workmanship with 13+ years experience.

Baking Tray Production Show - Tsingbuy Bakeware Manufacturer

Tsingbuy is a sheet pan baking tray manufacturer. Besides standard sizes baking tray for your choices, we also provide custom designing and manufacturing services. Here we would like to show you our factory work of sheet pan production, from raw material cutting, punching, edge cutting, edge polishing, metal wire frame making, curling edge with metal wire in rim, to washing and drying etc. 

Tsingbuy is a reliable and professional sheet pan designer and manufacturer with over 13 years experience. If you are looking for baking tray, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

How does a Bakeware Factory Work - Tsingbuy Bakeware Manufacturer

Watch this video to know about the baking pan production in factory. You will see the cutting, punching, washing machines etc.  The factory will set up a production procedure for different orders to improve efficiency. 

Best Sheet Pan Production Supplier - Tsingbuy Bakeware Manufacturer

Tsingbuy is aluminium baking tray manufacturer, producing sheet pan, loaf pan, baguette pan etc. The baking tray can be made with perforated surface, nonstick surface, corrugated surface etc. Custom baking tray is also available. Welcome to contact us.

How to ask for customized baking tray ?
First, send us your required size and rows number, a hand drawing would be great for us to understand more clearly.
Second, we will make a professional design chart.
Third, a sample will be produced for your confirmation.
Fourth, batch production and shipping will be done.
Industrial Cupcake Baking Pan Production - Tsingbuy Bakeware Manufacturer

Tsingbuy bakeware manufacturer has been designing and manufacturing multi-mould baking pans for international customers like bakeries and food factories, like round cupcake pan, square muffin pan, multiple cavities donuts pan, hamburger tray, hot dog bun pan, mini rectangular bread loaf pan etc for industrial use.

Production Flow:
1. Material sheet cutting
2. Punching
3. Inner cup machine stamp
4. buckle
5. washing
6. spray non-stick coating
7. drying and washing
8. second spray
9. drying
10. packing
Custom Made Aluminum Perforated Non Stick French Bread Baguette Pan Supplier & Manufacturers | Tsingbuy

Tsingbuy baguette tray manufacturer is supplying ODM & OEM service of commercial bakeware. French bread baking trays is one of our main product series. We have regular models of 3/4/5/7/8 rows baguette pan, as well as large sizes commercial baguette baking trays for bakery, food factory etc. Custom non stick coating color is also optional. Welcome to contact us ar any time if you are looking for French bread baguette baking pans. 

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