Aluminium Non Stick French Baguette Bread Baking Tray


Model number: TSFP

product name: large size silicone non stick coated French baguette bread baking tray

Material: aluminum

Size: 600*800mm, and any other customized size

Thickness: 0.8mm, and any other customized thickness

Surface: non-stick silicone coated surface

Type: open-ended

Packing: carton

MOQ: 50pcs

Function: French bread baking pan for bakery, food factory, machinery production lines.


Tsingbuy Industry Limited has been engaged in bakeware designing, manufacturing and exporting for over 13 years. We provide ODM & OEM service for larger bakeries, food factories, bakeware distributors etc. Our Main product mainly covers sheet pan, loaf pan, baguette pan, multi-mold baing pan, bakery trolley, cake molds etc. Welcome to know about us through our product and factory production videos. Please feel free to contact us for any bakeware requirement.

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12 Rows Silicone Non-stick Coated Baguette Bread Baking Pan


Main features of 12 rows silicone non-stick baguette pan

- Made of high-qualified aluminum perforated sheet, commercial grade, superior conductivity.

- Non-stick surface with silicone coating that is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free.

- Reinforced frame supports extra and stable strength for better durability.

- Perorareted surface and open-ended design is excellent for making crisp crust and round ends for baguette bread.

- Tsingbuy baguette pan manufacturer is an experienced bakeware manufacturing company that has proudly manufactured high quality bakeware and supplied to 50+ countries all over the world for 12+ years.


Product images of 12 rows silicone non-stick baguette pan

More type of baguette pan from Tsingbuy

As an experienced customized French bread pan manufacturer, we have offered many successful customized baguette trays to international customers. Most of the customized aluminum baguette trays are for bakery and food factory. They are bigger than 4 rows baguette tray and more suitable for mass food production, as well as high-qualified with superior strength and durability. We also designed a special silicone-coated baguette tray pattern with red color for the Middle-East customers. All in all, customized baguette trays from Tsingbuy customized baking tray manufacturer are not only all on your demands to meet your needs, but also in excellent quality and durability. If you are looking for a factory to make baguette tray for special needs, just contact us.


Production pictures of Tsingbuy baguette pan manufacturer

 Shere you some picturs from customized baguette tray factory.

+86 15018547273
+86 15018547273
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