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Product name: custom aluminum tray non stick perforated flat baking sheet

material: aluminum sheet and stainless steel supporting frame

size: custom size 600x800mm

thickness: 2.0mm thick aluminum alloy

surface: PTFE non stick coated and perforated surface

workmanship: stainless steel rivets to connect aluminium sheet and reinforcing frame. for large size of 60x80cm custom aluminum tray, there is designed with a stainless steel supporting frame. for small sizes of 40x60mm, there is no such frame. It will be a whole flat baking sheet. 

function: perforated baking sheet for bread, cake, cookies, biscuits etc in bakery, food factory, restaurant etc. 

selling points: custom design and manufacturing, more specifications can be made. fast shipping and skilled production, large production capacity. 


Tsingbuy is professional bakeware company engaged in bakeware design, manufacturing, exporting for over 14 years, well equiped with CNC, punching, cutting, molding machines and with professional tachnicians who have been in baking industry for over 20 years. We provide wholesale baking pans for commercial use, such as sheet pan, baguette pan, loaf pan, multi-mould baking pans, cake pans, bakery trolley etc. Custom aluminum tray is one of the main and best-selling product series. 

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Main features of custom aluminum tray 60x80cm bulk cookies baking sheets

1. High grade Aluminum material and 2.0 thickness perfect for both even heat conductivity and durability.

2. Never rust,durable and strong, quality assurance, long service life 

3. Certificated nonstick coating, non toxic & healthy 

4. Trays come with proper weight and feel sturdy, high temperature resistant and more durable

5. No sides all around , flat baking sheet for air flow among trays in bakery trolley, in the oven.

6. Perfect custom size for large bakery, food factory for industrial use.

7. Tsingbuy bakeware manufacturer has professional team, good service, reliable forwarder, a great deal of experience. 


1.Q: What is the payment terms?
30% deposit in advance, balance before shipment. Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance, and Bank Transfer are acceptable. For small amount, we recommend full payment one time through Paypal or Alibaba Trade Assurance. For large amount of money, we recommend bank transfer.
2.Q: May I have a sample first?
Yes, we would like to offer priced sample and the shipping cost will be afford by the buyer. And generally speaking, it will take 3-5 days for pans, trays. It will need 7 days more if the pan/tray needs to be teflon-coated or silicone coated.
3.Q: How to custom?
Tell us your required specifications (pan length,width,material thickness is required) and quantity, we will make a quotation as soon as possible. If you come up with a drawing or a pictures for reference, that would be great.


1.Multiple Product Series: Frome sheet baking tray, bread loaf pan, baguette pan, multi-mould baking pan, cake pan, bakery trolley and many more baking tools accessories etc, we mainly produce commercial bakeware, however househeld baking pans are also optional.
2.ODM & OEM Service: From a hand-drawing, professional designer's chart, sample production and confirmation, to mass production, including custom packing if required, we have our standard flows and always provide intimate service, becoming the reliable supplier and offer customer a pleasant experience.
3.Fast Dispatch and Shipping Service: Fast dispatch with 100 thousand pieces baking tray production capacity each month, and the cheapest shipping way from our long-term cooperated forwarders, with all-round service.
4.Factory Strength: Our factory with full production line for baking tray such as washing machine, stamping machine, cutting machine and we have our own Teflon&Silicone coating room.

About Tsingbuy

Tsingbuy Industry Limited is a professional bakeware designer and manufacturer in Guangdong, China for 13 years. We are engaged in designing and manufacturing commercial bakeware,such as sheet pans, loaf pans, industrial cup trays, baguette trays, and oven racks. Well equipped with CNC machines, punching ,cutting, moulding machines, our annual production ability has been over 150million US-dollars. More, With professional and experienced technician teams, we have been offering super OEM&ODM services to so many bread factories to fit their machines and different receipts requirements. All our raw material and coating are comply with food safety regulations and our products come with ISO9001,LFGB certificate. From raw material to finished products, we have strict quality control system in every process to make sure every pans in good condition. After more than 13 years care and support from our customers, Tsingbuy Industry Limited has been developing to be a professional bakeware manufacturer and supplier. Today, we have customers and friends from more than 50 countries  using our products; we enjoy the happiness of baking, friendship and business success, just like the tempting flavor of the bread.

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+86 15018547273
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