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Product name: stainless steel wire mesh tray baguette baking pan

Material: stainless steel wire mesh

Size: 400*600, 600*800, 800*1000mm and customized

Thickness: 1.0 mm

Grooves: 4-12 grooves

Surface treatment: silicone coating. But no coating and teflon coating are also optional.

Type: open frame

Function: French long stick bread baking tray for bakery, restaurant and food factory


This stainless steel wire mesh baguette baguette tray is made of high-quality material and food grade nonstick coating. The wire mesh desigh is for superior heat conductivity and crisp crusts. The stainless steel material is for good durability. Non-stick silicone coating is for perfect baguette appearance and easy cleanup.

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Tsingbuy Industry Limited is a professional bakeware designer and manufacturer who has been engaged in this industry for over 13 years, with experienced technicians, well-equipped machines, and enthusiastic sales team. We promiss high quality product, priduction and fast dispatch. 

Our main products include sheet pan, baguette pan, multi-mould baking pan, bread loaf pan, and bakery trolley etc. We have multiple sizes, designs for your choices. Besides, customized baking tray is also supported. ODM & OEM service with large production capacity is our strength. 

Here is the main features of stainless steel wire mesh tray baguette baking pan French bread baking tray:

1.The wire mesh desigh reserves enough space for excellent air circulatio, the bread dough can be heated evenly, baked out with crisp crusts and soft inside.

2.Stainless steel screen mesh is of high quality and good durability.

3.Stainless steel wire frame gives extra and strong support for the whole tray, won’y deform.

4.The non-stick silicone coating is food-safty certificated. It not only brings out the baguette bread with perfect apperance, but also keep it more easier to clean up the tray itself.

5. Tsingbuy has been producing and exporting this type of baguette baking tray for more than 6 years and is experienced as wire mesh baguatte tray manufacturer. You can be rest assured by our product quality and service.


1.Are you manufacturer?
Yes. We are a bakeware manufacturer located in Guangdong, China for over 13 years experience. We have professional designing and production technicians, and sales-team who will be online 7*24 hours serving you during all the process from inquiry, sample, order, production to shipment.
2.What is the shipment?
If you use forwarder, tell us and we will send goods to your forwarder as you required. If not, we can send goods through shipping by sea, shipping by air, as well as delivery express, such as UPS, FedEx, EMS, DHL, TNT and some special lines etc.
3.Q: How about non-stick coating? which is better, coating or without coating?
It depends on how you using. Non-stick coated surface can make sure that the bread non-sticking during baking. We have two types of coating for your choices. If non-coating, you need to brush the pans with some oil before use.


1.Multiple Product Series: Frome sheet baking tray, bread loaf pan, baguette pan, multi-mould baking pan, cake pan, bakery trolley and many more baking tools accessories etc, we mainly produce commercial bakeware, however househeld baking pans are also optional.
2.ODM & OEM Service: From a hand-drawing, professional designer's chart, sample production and confirmation, to mass production, including custom packing if required, we have our standard flows and always provide intimate service, becoming the reliable supplier and offer customer a pleasant experience.
3.Fast Dispatch and Shipping Service: Fast dispatch with 100 thousand pieces baking tray production capacity each month, and the cheapest shipping way from our long-term cooperated forwarders, with all-round service.
4.Factory Strength: Our factory with full production line for baking tray such as washing machine, stamping machine, cutting machine and we have our own Teflon&Silicone coating room.

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+86 15018547273
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